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Verify, Validate, and Valuate!

Establishing a professional certified value for your item or collection is vital for so many reasons. Documentation before a loss makes the world of difference for insurance matters. Marital separation and eventual divorce is an unpleasant and tense process. The mutually agreeable division of assets can be greatly facilitated with an itemized valuation from a recognized expert. Navigating through the formal estate probate process becomes focused and straightforward. Some of our clients have even contacted us to preemptively plan for the far off day in the future when their heirs become tasked with dividing up their home assets and collections.

We were in Eastern Ontario last week completing contents appraisals for two estate clients. The highlight of the trip was this large oil painting by the iconic 19th Century Canadian master Cornelius Krieghoff. It has been privately held by this family for almost 70 years. The last time a price was attached to it was in 1955 when it was purchased for $2,000. Today its value is close to $100,000! Our verification of the authorship, condition, and professionally researched current market value will allow it to flow properly and smoothly through the estate process, for the benefit of all the family members. Every project is different, and involve objects of varying values. But the objective remains the same - clarity and the avoidance of complications and conflict. Contact us in confidence and we will be happy to assist with your needs too.

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