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Contents Survey Express Appraisal Report Art Antiques Furniture Toronto GTA

The contents survey is an express form of our fully itemized home inventory service.  It is geared to situations that are more straightforward in nature, such as an estate with only one beneficiary, or a client with accumulated home contents contemplating selling of their assets.  The aim of this express report is to earmark the items of significant inherent or market values so that they can be protected or properly priced in a contents sale, or in an online offering.  Our feedback has been excellent from clients who we assisted in this manner by identifying valuables that should not be sold via garage sale or otherwise liquidated unfairly.

There are many success stories of valuable items discovered in private collections or estate situations.

Antiques are valuable items that have been around for a long time and are considered rare or unique. They can be found in various places, such as museums, art galleries, auctions, and private collections. However, sometimes valuable antiques can be found in unlikely places, such as thrift stores, attics, or even buried underground. In this article, we will explore some of the most surprising discoveries of valuable antiques in unexpected locations.

  1. A Rare Chinese Vase

In 2010, a couple from London purchased a small Chinese vase for just £10 at a car boot sale in Hertfordshire. The vase was around 8 inches tall and was decorated with blue and white floral patterns. At first, the couple displayed the vase on a bookshelf in their living room, not realizing its true value. However, they later decided to get it appraised and were shocked to find out that it was a rare 18th-century Chinese vase from the Qing dynasty. The vase was sold at auction for a staggering £43 million, making it one of the most valuable antiques found in an unlikely place.

  1. An Original Copy of the Declaration of Independence

In 1989, a man from Pennsylvania purchased a painting at a flea market for just $4. He was more interested in the frame than the painting itself and planned to use it to hold a different piece of art. However, while removing the painting from the frame, he discovered a folded document behind it. To his surprise, it turned out to be an original copy of the Declaration of Independence, one of only 24 known surviving copies. The document was later sold at auction for $2.42 million.

  1. A Rare Rolex Watch

In 2011, a man from California purchased a vintage Rolex watch for $345 at a thrift store. The watch was in good condition and had a distinctive red and blue bezel. He later discovered that it was a rare Rolex GMT-Master model, also known as the "Pepsi" Rolex because of its distinctive colors. The watch was originally designed for pilots and was highly sought after by collectors. The man sold the watch at auction for $17,000, a significant profit on his initial investment.

  1. A Valuable Painting

In 2014, a woman from Virginia purchased a painting for $7 at a Goodwill store. The painting was a landscape scene and was signed by the artist, Ilya Bolotowsky. The woman was attracted to the painting's bright colors and decided to hang it on her wall. However, after doing some research, she discovered that Bolotowsky was a well-known abstract artist and that the painting was worth a significant amount of money. She sold the painting at auction for $34,000.

  1. An Ancient Egyptian Statue

In 2013, a man from the UK purchased a small statue at a car boot sale for just £3. The statue was only about 3 inches tall and was made of a black stone. At first, the man thought it was just a cheap souvenir, but after doing some research, he discovered that it was an ancient Egyptian statue from the 11th dynasty, which dated back to around 2000 BC. The statue was later sold at auction for £15,000.

These are but a few of the many examples of wonderful and valuable items hidden in plain sight.  We can assist in uncovering your hidden treasures with a contents survey visit.  Call or email us today in strict confidence.

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