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We offer a wealth of hands-on product experience with a variety of service areas of expertise including certified professional written appraisal reports and selling solutions for artwork, antiques, home contents, antique silver wares, porcelains and ceramics, Persian and Oriental rugs, personal property and collector items, as well as specialty auctioneering for corporate and fundraising events. 

Elliot Melamed has been involved full time in the fine art, antique and collector markets as a professional auctioneer and accredited personal property appraiser from 1986-2020 with Empire Auctions Inc, a Canadian public auction house which historically handled 1,000 lots on a monthly basis in each city of operation. His educational background includes a University of Toronto Honours BSc undergraduate degree, as well as a Schulich MBA at the post graduate level. Within the art and antique industry, he is a graduate of the Missouri Auction School and has a licensed auctioneer designation. He is an accredited member of CAGA (The Certified Appraisers Guild of America). Additionally, he has accreditation with the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) having attained the Diamond Grading and Coloured Stones Essentials Degrees. 

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Our Services

Independant and professional personal property asset valuation, selling solutions, along with professional auctioneering bookings for corporate and fundraising events 


Estate Appraisals

Impartiality and complete discretion always guaranteed

Professional itemized and researched valuation of estate contents to allow for equitable asset distribution among estate beneficiaries. Working with estate executors, administrators and power of attorney fiduciaries in the GTA and beyond. 

Relocation Appraisals

Meeting All Of Your Appraisal Needs

Contemplating a relocation around the world or around the corner? Why not protect your valuables and heirlooms before your move?

Avoid complications from damage or loss that can occur during relocations. Register for one of our itemized valuation reports

and enjoy peace of mind.

Divorce Appraisals

Expert Appraisals

At Empire Appraisers, we provide timely, impartial and fully confidential valuation reports to our clients in matters of marital dissolution in order to facilitate an equitable and agreeable division of common assets. We work with both legal firms and the general public. Call or email us today to schedule a confidential consultation and be assured of the utmost discretion. 

Insurance Appraisals

Protect your special items 

Antiques, heirlooms and one of a kind items require expert valuation in order to be properly protected before loss or theft occurs.

The irreplaceable nature of a family’s treasured items cannot be quantified properly without written verification from a recognized expert.

We can also update your old and out of date appraisals to current values to verify that your items are properly protected. 

Call or email today to schedule a consultation.

Selling Solutions

The power of experience

Our many years of involvement in the collector and art markets have allowed us to build a vast database of focused buyers and sellers. We can offer brokerage and marketing expertise on the options to get your items to the market and to serious buyers at fair values. 

Specialty Event Auctioneering

Exceeding Expectations

Planning a corporate or fundraising event with items or services to auction to your audience? Add the flair and polish of an auction professional for a memorable evening and bring your results to the next level. And of course we are always happy to increase the success of your charity fundraiser by donating part of our proceeds back to your cause. 

Self Selling

Get the facts

When electing to sell your own items, either privately or through an in-home estate sales firm, get the facts beforehand and don’t sell your items short. Obtain our market value survey of your items before pricing them for sale, and ensure that you ask reasonable prices and get yourself fair values.

Would you like to learn more about our comprehensive appraisal, consultative and auction services?

Call us today and book a consultation.

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Empire Appraisers and Consulting Inc.

22-110 West Beaver Creek Rd. Richmond Hill, ON. L4B 1J9. 



Empire Appraisers and Consulting Inc.


Artwork, antiques and home contents, collections, appraisals for estates, insurance protection or loss, matrimonial, and marketing and brokerage consulting.


22-110 West Beaver Creek Rd. Richmond Hill, ON. L4B 1J9. 

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