Silverware Appraiser Appraisal Toronto Ontario

Factors That Help Determine Your Silverware Appraiser Appraisal in Toronto, Ontario

If you are in need of silverware appraiser appraisal in Toronto, Ontario, here are a few things that can affect the value of your silverware. 


Is your silverware sterling silver or silver plated?

There is a huge difference in value between something that is sterling silver or silver plated. When something is silver plated, that means the silverware is made out of based metal and coated with a thin layer of silver. Because silver plated materials contain very little pure silver, these pieces will be much less in value. 


Are your silverware pieces part of a set?

Silverware that goes together as a set holds more value than a bunch of odd pieces. Pieces that go together usually have the same markings. If you have silverware that has various markings, it can mean that they are just odd pieces that aren’t a part of a cohesive set.


What’s the condition?

If your silverware has been well cared for, obviously, they will carry more value. Some issues with silver are that it can corrode or lose it's polish over the years. 


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