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Verified and Saved

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

One of our clients from last week recently inherited a houseful of antiques and collector contents from her mom's estate. With an upcoming onsite estate sale looming, she asked us to come in beforehand and identify potentially higher value objects in order to make more informed pricing decisions or possibly retain as keepsakes. Sure enough, we found some very nice items in the home and were happy to assist in verifying and protecting the stronger assets from being sold at unreasonably low prices. She was very happy to find that the old silver platter was indeed made of solid sterling silver, with English hallmarks from Sheffield

and made in 1906 with the maker's mark of well known silversmith Harrison Brothers & Howson. The piece was presented that same year by the City Editorial Staff of the Manchester Guardian to W.H. Hackett, Esquire. It is currently worth $1,000.

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